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Super Smart Excelerate Your Wealth Webinar Series Posted Jan 26, 2010
Stefan Kasian
Speaker Bio
How to Stop Foreclosure & Not Make Payments For Up To 12 Months
with Stefan Kasian

Beat the banks at their own game. This unique call will reveal the secrets of an "LDA", a special "short sale" process on steroids that will turn your mortgage-strapped deals into cash and equity like nothing else you've ever seen. In this special webinar we will uncover these unusual secrets:

1. How to stop a foreclosure dead in its tracks - even if the bank already said "no!"

Imagine the power and control you will have, being able to stop a bank foreclosure, literally at will. The peace of mind knowing that even if the bank doesn't cooperate with your postponement or short sale request, you still have this "kryptonite for banks" up your sleeve. Of course, it's perfectly legal and compliant and requires no extra work on your part.

2. Then, get 4-12 months "free" rent out of your property.

There was this ongoing inside joke among my office. I always told my staff we would make so much more money collecting rent on our income properties if there weren't for those pesky expenses that eat away at profits. With this unique tool, if your property fits into the criteria, you could literally have use of the property - without payments - while this special process is underway.* (Disclaimer: this is program is not intended for you to avoid your legitimate obligations. What this system does do, however, is if the lender committed certain discoverable violations, you do buy yourself extra time, up to a dozen months, for you to work out your options.)

3. Finally, slash your loan balance to today's market values. Plus get an irresistible interest rate.

Your property may be among the many that are underwater. You owe more than it's worth. Your payments are higher than your rent. The mortgage could have been manageable years ago, in a much hotter and sexier market. But not today. You are not alone. Now is the chance for you to turn that around. Literally, this is your chance to write your own ticket, get the mortgage balance and payment do something reasonable and affordable.

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